Beginner Workshop: Photo 101 – 299

Learn Your Camera, Learn Light.

First off… take a deep breath, really, it’s ok. You are taking the first step into truly understanding photography. I’ve been there and so has every photographer before you. It’s a learning process that’ll take some time and effort, but will open your eyes to a whole heap of new abilities in photography you’ll soon have at your fingertips. No, this is not a workshop to teach you the “quick and easy” ways to shoot or how to cut corners…

Been shooting in automatic modes for years hoping your pictures turnout ok? Just turning the camera on and clicking away without a thought going into how that photo is being made? There are all kinds of funky symbols and dials that you don’t touch, modes you don’t shoot in cause you don’t have a clue what they do. But… you’re tired of that. You want to take the next step, learn photography the right way, and take consistently great pictures. This workshop will take very beginner and amateur photographers to a level where they can capture consistent, quality pictures and make money in photography (if you so desire). Learn what the camera is doing to make a photograph, take control of your camera, take fantastic pictures every time. This is more than just a photography 101 class. Not only will you learn how to work a camera and understand the science behind the capture, you’ll go out and shoot real world situations along side Matt, applying newly learned concepts as well as troubleshooting on-location lighting problems. Understand the properties of the light you are capturing, how to manipulate light and best take advantage of environments. Learn basic photo editing tips, what equipment to buy and what to avoid, and learn how to read your environment to maximize photo potential.

This workshop will teach you photography from the ground up. You’ll come out of this workshop with the knowledge and confidence you’ve been wanting so badly. Photography knowledge and skills are practically endless, it’s critical that they are built upon a rock-solid foundation. On top of this foundation, additional skills and techniques will bloom much more easily.

You will receive a 5-in-1 reflector/diffuser tool with this class! You’ll learn how to use this extremely versatile lighting modification tool and take it with you to continue using on your own photo shoots.

Class Content:

  • Cameras, Camera Functions, Lenses
  • Exposure Fundamentals
  • Ambient Lighting Fundamentals
  • Modifying and Finding Ideal Light
  • Receive 5-in-1 reflector/diffuser light tool
  • Composition and Shooting Techniques
  • Post Production Editing Workflow
  • Studio and On-Location Shooting Experience
  • Capturing Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting
  • Gear accessories, filters, best practices and more…

Workshop Schedule:

  • Saturday, 10am – about 6pm
    – First day of the course, a full day of learn’ and shootin’
    – Lunch is provided
  • Sunday, 10am – about 5pm
    – Second day of class, end of day will be determined by students and how long they want to shoot.
    – Lunch is provided

This is a full, two-day workshop. Currently this workshop is priced at $499, with workshop date and locations available on the Registration Dates Page. Come with a hunger for knowledge, ’cause you’re gettin’ heaps of it!